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OPTIMEAL™. Complete dry pet food for sterilised cats - turkey and oat 10 kg


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Dehydrated turkey protein, no less than 25 %, corn gluten, rice, corn, naked oats 5,46 %, chicken fat, deboned turkey meat 5 %, vegetable fibre, hydrolyzed animal protein 3,5 %, sugar beet pulp, hydrolyzed chicken liver (dry), linseed 1,82 %, brewer's yeast, egg powder, minerals, salmon oil, cranberry 0,2 %,borage oil, beta-1,3/1,6-glucans 0,05 %, Actigen® (source of prebiotic-mannan-oligosaccharides) 0,04 %, marigold meal (source of lutein) 0,04 %, burdock root, marshmallow root, chamomile flowers 0,03 %, nettle 0,03 %, thyme 0,015 %.

• Balanced mineral content maintains the health of the urinary tract through the formation of urine with low concentdiet of crystals and optimum pH
• Special amino acid L-carnitine promotes the conversion of excessive body fat into energy and maintains a perfect cat's body build
• Fresh meat of turkey in the form of minced meat provides the cat with high quality easily digestible protein of animal origin that promotes healthy digestion
• Contains Immunity Support Mix complex for immunity strengthening, herbs good for health, berries, natural antioxidants and prebiotics
• Omega-3 and 6, zinc, biotin help keep the skin of the cat healthy and fur shiny
• Contains  56,88 % protein of animal origin
• SUPER PREMIUM formula. The diet is manufactured under the supervision of veterinarians using the technology of the Swiss company Swiss Pet Nutrition Group

Age adult, senior
Nutrition Light, Monoproteic
Function Sterilized, Weight control, Hair and Skin, Urinary
Principal ingredient Turkey
Packing kg 10
Quantity of packages in a box 1
Weight of 1 box 10

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